Tech-Savvy Independent Car Dealers Win

Cash flow is king. This is a mantra we all learned many years ago. This holds especially true for the independent car dealer. The shutdown of 2020 threw many for a loop and far too many independents out of business, even as the demand for used cars increased.

With floor plan funders tightening their grip and more stringent guidelines with the secondary lenders, this current climate in the used automotive market has had its share of challenges. Not to mention the curbsiders and the forced pivot to a more digital landscape. It’s enough to rattle the toughest of independents.

In reviewing the last couple of years, at least one glaring truth has emerged, embracing a digital landscape, in all areas of the business, is not only critical, it’s a win, win. Take financial technology for instance, otherwise known as FinTech. It’s a game changer that reduces a deal’s closing time by 87% - and that’s specifically for independents! If you think that technology is only for the bigger dealers, that’s no longer the case. This technology enables the independent dealer to thrive, not just survive. It streamlines the process, covers your assets, and gets you paid- quickly.

Let’s start with a key profit center, F&I. While many independents have enjoyed a healthy profit in this department, more often than not, money is being left on the table. Consumers are barraged with online ads for loan pre-approvals from their banks and credit unions (who also offer extended service contracts & GAP). It’s time to capture more finance penetration which is the primary driver of product sales and gross income.

We’ve found that the most savvy independent dealers were early adopters of technology and embraced the digital mindset. If you’re not there yet, no fear - FinTech is here! There is literally a one-stop-shop designed by used car dealers, for used car dealers.

Capture the customer application, access multiple lenders as well as offering a portfolio of backend products without having to re-enter data or spend countless hours vetting the best lenders or the best products for your customer. It’s all there in one portal - it’s Automatic! And best of all, the average turnaround time- including your funding is less than 2 hours!

Automatic is a leading automotive fintech platform serving independent dealers by providing fast, automated, secure and transparent finance solutions, enabling your customers to enjoy their vehicle more quickly with a seamless customer journey. Learn more at