The Shared Pain Points Between Dealerships and Customers During Covid-19

The Coronavirus has changed the way many people shop for groceries, clothes, and cars. An article from reports a survey of 11,000 global customers by international consulting firm Capgemini.

Since the pandemic, the survey revealed that consumers are looking for a more timely and dynamic used auto buying experience, with almost half preferring to avoid dealerships to compare deals and car loans. Andrew Ladyga, owner of Eagleville Motors in Storrs, Connecticut, has a firsthand experience of this change.

“During Covid-19, customers want to have a clean and quick used auto buying experience.”

According to Ladyga, Automatic helps him provide exactly what his customers want. That’s because Automatic is a one-stop-shop, auto dealership management financing Fintech platform that promptly connects used auto dealerships with accredited financial institutions.

“Funding delays irritate customers,” says Ladyga, “having the Automatic portal makes the interaction with customers during Covid-19 as quick and seamless as possible, because it’s only one place we need to go.”

The time savings the Automatic dealership financing platform offers works to eliminate pain points for both the auto dealership and customer, boosting the dealership's ability to provide top-level customer service. This is very important to Ladyga.

“At Eagleville Motors, we pride ourselves on keeping our customers happy and providing an efficient experience. Automatic replaces the old way of using multiple systems to process car loan applications and gives us more time to get back to our customers.”

Automatic’s Patrick Sullivan is the Head of Underwriting and Operations. He believes Automatic’s dealership software provides an exceptional experience for both the dealership and customer by ensuring speed and accuracy.

“Twenty years ago, there was not an automated way to calculate debt-to-income ratios. We had to look at each piece separately, such as a full credit report, calling employers, and verifying everything before giving a used car loan approval.” Sullivan says, “Automatic dealership financing software has changed all of that”.

“Automatic’s dealership management financing streamlines the car loan approval process. The Automatic dealership software calculates everything for you and cuts the old process into a third of the time it used to take. Quicker responses, means funding more deals.”

According to Sullivan, the Automatic dealership financing tool also protects the customer and dealership by providing multiple checks and balances within one smooth platform. “The more checks and balances you have in place, all work to make the dealer’s life easier. It also protects the customer because you are verifying everything upfront.”

Automatic’s dealership financing software is meeting the car-buying challenges presented by Covid-19 head-on. It provides a dynamic auto financing experience that is safe and efficient. The Automatic platform allows dealerships to have an attentive and expedited partnership with their customers and gives them the used car loan process they desire.