Alpha Warranty Services has teamed up with Automatic

Alpha Warranty Services and Automatic, have formed a partnership to provide their valuable services together in one place. Alpha, will combine services with Automatic, enabling the collaboration between auto lenders and dealers, and Alpha Warranty Services providing complete and reliable vehicle service contract plans.

This partnership will strengthen Alpha’s commitment to protecting dealers, financial institutions, agents, and contract holders with Automatic’s transparent auto financing platform.

Alpha Warranty Services:

Alpha Warranty Services deals in the vehicle service contract (VSC) industry with an unrivaled customer experience. It provides customers with protection and peace of mind by covering the cost of expensive covered car repairs, whether they are brand new vehicles, from a company, have low mileage or high mileage, or are even used.

Its warranty services are stratified at different levels, and users can choose them per their choice and requirements. These levels include Basic, Intermediate, and Complete. Hence, offering a wide variety of coverage plans ranging from Basic Powertrains coverage plan protecting thereby every component of your vehicle. These services actually save money because, on most occasions, users can add the service contract to their vehicle financing, by only making one month’s payment. An Alpha Warranty, VSC can cost as little as $15 a month.

This service is covered nationwide, and users can take their vehicle to the workshop of their choice. The services also include rental car service while the vehicle is being repaired. More significantly, you can also have 24/7 roadside assistance coverage for lockouts, fuel delivery, flat tire repair, jumps starts, and towing.


Automatic is a Fintech platform that believes in secure, transparent, and automated auto financing. Automatic’s software creates a single marketplace with reliable data by ensuring that the process of all transactions remains in one place. It works by allowing car dealers to channel their sales and deals into a single platform that will facilitate the procedure of obtaining financing and all other financing and insurance (F&I) products.

Automatic’s services increase productivity by providing an expansive, existing, and active-lender network for the industry with its digitized workflows running at an accelerated pace. Its platform provides an online car insurance facility and an all-embracing marketplace for F&I providers. To match its invaluable services, Automatic ensures that user experience is at the forefront, to maintain its seamless and engaging service.

Users can experience the process of loan application submission, immediate decisions, offer acceptances, and the facilitation of funding all on a single platform.

The Partnership:

This partnership means a host of benefits for the consumers. Users would be able to have car financing through a seasoned and expert team of multifarious car warranty services working simultaneously with distinguished vehicle service contracts. Both working partners are committed and have earned considerable credibility due to more than 30 years of experience behind them, along with A+ Rated careers in their respective fields.