Our Mission

Optimizing processes in a fragmented market

Syndication Process

4 Easy Steps

10:00AM EST

Application submitted

Application submitted; all loan details (including personal and vehicle information) are entered into platform.


10:15AM EST

Immediate decisioning

Loans are run through both traditional and alternative data algorithms to assess quality and most competitive pricing available for borrower.


10:45AM EST

Offer Acceptance

All compliant documents are packaged and provided to dealerships. Dealerships are able to close customers on the spot and add on additional finance and insurance products.


11:00AM EST

Facilitation of funding

Dealership uploads all required documents; loan is processed for funding. Dealer liquidity is provided with same day funding.


Becoming a participating Dealership/Lender

Quick Sign-up

Apply with minimum personal details

Submit Paperwork

Provide all required documentation

Unlock Profile

Start lending/borrowing within hours of sign-up