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A Primer on Asset Back Securities

There are many different uses for this type of security and they are important in many industries including the automotive, motorsport, boating, and real estate fields.

Dealer Financing Keeps America Rolling

Are you chomping at the bit to finally break free and take that much-deserved road trip? Join the millions that will be taking to the highways this summer. In a recent survey from Harvest Hosts, 60% of Americans will be traveling more than they did in 2020 and 2019

Electric Vehicles, The Evolution of Transformation

The buzz around Electric Vehicles (EV) continues to make headlines as we see more global adoption. In a recent study by Allied Market Research, the Global EV market was $162 billion in 2019 & projected to be valued at $802.81 billion by 2027

The Future of Automotive: Production and Distribution

Technology is increasingly becoming an impactful and a more important part of the way we live our lives. It is here to stay, and it is taking over the automotive industry in both the production and distribution of vehicles.

Where Are The Best Car Deals, In-Store or Online?

The automotive industry has been evolving more rapidly in the last 10 years than ever before. According to CoxAuto, consumers visit an average of 4.2 websites when car shopping, with 81% visiting at least 2 websites.

Upgrading the Used Car Financing Experience

With the Automatic software, used auto dealers can get consumers approved for multiple loans much faster than the traditional lending process,” And it’s all transparent. We want the auto dealerships to be able to see everything, so they can work with the consumer to figure out what auto financing best fits their needs."

The Automotive Race To Phygital

Embracing your phygital brand identity is both critical and overwhelming. As an automotive dealer, or any retailer, It’s easy to get swept up in the frenzied race to harness customer data, streamline your channel strategy and employ the latest tools and apps to increase sales and customer experience.

COVID-19 Has Car Dealers Flipping The Script

Have you received an unexpected call yet from your local automotive dealer asking to buy your car? Yes, you heard right - dealers are flipping the script and aggressively seeking consumers that wish to sell their personal cars.

Alpha Warranty Services has teamed up with Automatic

Alpha Warranty Services and Automatic, have formed a partnership to provide their valuable services together in one place. Alpha, will combine services with Automatic, enabling the collaboration between auto lenders and dealers, and Alpha Warranty Services providing complete and reliable vehicle service contract plans.